Z1: The Dashboard & Telemetry Analysis Suite For Every Sim Racer!
Used By Porsche
The Z1 Dashboard is used in simulators by many companies including Porsche. Their 911 GT3 Cup Car simulator uses the Z1 Dashboard software running with rFactor 2.
Dashboard Switching
With over 100 dashboards the Z1 has you covered. Dashboard Switching lets you cycle through multiple dashboards at the click of a button. Need to know when to pit, how much fuel you need, where your competitors are, what your lap times are, just click to the appropriate dashboard.
Track Maps
With 10 variations, the track maps let you easily see which cars are in the pits; which are on track; which are ahead of you; which are behind you; and which are in your class...
Virtual Engineer
You are in the car to race! Let the Z1 take care of the engineering for you. Where is your competition; who is in front or behind you; how is the weather; how do you compare to the other drivers. The Z1 tells you all this and more...
If you want to view telemetry while in the car the Z1 has 4 dashboards available for you! Ranging from tires to g-forces and driver inputs to various traces, the Z1 has you covered.
Garage Display
When you step out of the car you still need to know how the session went. The various garage screen give you information on lap times, fuel usage, competitors, sector times, replays, and even allows you to take notes.
Z1 Analyzer
The Z1 Analyzer application is aimed at improving the most important part of the car - you the driver! With its easy to read analysis screens ranging from a track walk to individual turns analysis, the Z1 Analyzer helps you improve without requiring a PhD in physics to understand loads of graphs.
Z1 Server
The Z1 Server application allows you to broadcast your sim's data to any computer on your network. The Z1 Dashboard can then read that data, so you can now run the Z1 Dashboard on any computer on your network.
If you want an F1, F2 or GT style wheel for your sim racing rig, then the SMZ1 is the wheel for you!
Z1 LCD Screen
Need a screen to run the software on? The Z1 LCD Screen box is the perfect solution. The software is designed with this box in mind, matching its 480 x 272 pixel resolution with a touch panel for maximum results.

Z1 Dashboard sim racing dash software:
The Z1 sim racing dashboard software works on any monitor.

It is compatible with:
• iRacing
• Assetto Corsa
• Automobilista
• rFactor 1
• rFactor 2
• Project CARS
• Race Room
• Game Stock Car
• Kart Racing Pro
• ARCA Sim Racing
• Codemasters F1 2012-2015
• SimBin sims*
(* Note not all SimBin titles are compatible. Please try the demo to ensure compatibility with your sim.)
Z1 Analyzer:
Telemetry Analysis and Comparison as used by professionals.

• Lap Analysis: A description of your lap in plain English along with a comparison to any other loaded lap.
• Track Walk: Detailed information about that turn, including elevation and camber changes
• 35 traces including: throttle, brake, steering, speed, rpm, gear, shocks, ride height, wheel speed and tire temp
• Zoom in as much as desired onto a part of your lap
• Compare your lap to another lap
• Includes the track map, with optional throttle/brake overlays
• The track map can be displayed in either 2 or 3 dimensions
• The lap can be played back by clicking on the Play icon
• Customize the display through the options in the settings dialog
• Read laps from any sim supported by Z1 Dashboard
• Read iRacing ibt files
Z1 Server:
Broadcast your sim's data to any computer on your network.

• Use Laptops or Desktops as additional monitors
• Allow coaches/friends to view your data on their computers
• Run the Z1 Dashboard on any computer, not just the one running the sim.
• Broadcasts joystick inputs
Over 80 Customizable Sim Racing Dashboards:
Customize the:
• Shift Light Colors
• Shift Light RPMs
• Rev Limiter Color
• Rev Limiter Display
• Pit Dashboard Message
• Lap Counter
• Fuel Usage
• Font
• Background Color
• Lap Time Color
• Imperial or Metric Units
• Pit Stop Strategy
• Track Maps
• Competitor's Colors
• Screen Brightness
• Sector Splits
• Telemetry Display
• Screen Resolution
• Notes For Each Car and Track
Telemetry Analysis for your sim racing dash software:
The Z1 Dashboard software includes telemetry analysis of the following data*:
• Tire Temperature
• Tire Pressures
• Tire Wear
• Ride Height
• Shock Deflection
• Brake Temperature
• Speed
• Gear
• Throttle/Brake
• Steering Position
• G-Forces
* Not all telemetry is available from all sims
Track Maps & Real Time On-Track Car Positions:
The Z1 sim racing dashboard software comes with track maps*:
• Your Location
• All Competitor's Locations
• Colored Lap Sectors
• Your Location After Pit Stop
• Time Between Your And Competitors
• 7 Customizable Colors For Other Cars On Track
• Pit Stop Deltas
* Not all sims support the track maps
Garage display for your sim racing dash software:
The Z1 sim racing dashboard software displays various garage screens:
• Statistics
• Standings
• Lap Times
• Notes
• Telemetry
Z1 LCD Screen
Run your Z1 sim racing dashboard software on a purpose built LCD screen:
• 4.3" Screen
• 16 Bit Color
• Touch Screen
• USB Connection
• Compact Size
• Optional Real Carbon Fiber Finish

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