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The Dashboard & Telemetry Analysis Suite For Every Sim Racer!

Z1 Dashboard sim racing dash software:
The Z1 sim racing dashboard software works on any monitor.

It is compatible with:
• iRacing
• Assetto Corsa
• rFactor 1
• rFactor 2
• Project CARS
• Game Stock Car
• Kart Racing Pro
• ARCA Sim Racing
• Codemasters F1 sims
• SimBin sims*
(* Note not all SimBin titles are compatible. Please try the demo to ensure compatibility with your sim.)
Z1 Analyzer:
Telemetry Analysis and Comparison as used by professionals.

• Lap Analysis: A description of your lap in plain English along with a comparison to any other loaded lap.
• Track Walk: Detailed information about that turn, including elevation and camber changes
• 35 traces including: throttle, brake, steering, speed, rpm, gear, shocks, ride height, wheel speed and tire temp
• Zoom in as much as desired onto a part of your lap
• Compare your lap to another lap
• Includes the track map, with optional throttle/brake overlays
• The track map can be displayed in either 2 or 3 dimensions
• The lap can be played back by clicking on the Play icon
• Customize the display through the options in the settings dialog
• Read laps from any sim supported by Z1 Dashboard
• Read iRacing ibt files
Z1 Server:
Broadcast your sim's data to any computer on your network.

• Use Laptops or Desktops as additional monitors
• Allow coaches/friends to view your data on their computers
• Run the Z1 Dashboard on any computer, not just the one running the sim.
• Broadcasts joystick inputs
Over 60 Customizable Sim Racing Dashboards:
Customize the:
• Shift Light Colors
• Shift Light RPMs
• Rev Limiter Color
• Rev Limiter Display
• Pit Dashboard Message
• Lap Counter
• Fuel Usage
• Font
• Background Color
• Lap Time Color
• Imperial or Metric Units
• Pit Stop Strategy
• Track Maps
• Competitor's Colors
• Screen Brightness
• Sector Splits
• Telemetry Display
• Screen Resolution
• Notes For Each Car and Track
Telemetry Analysis for your sim racing dash software:
The Z1 Dashboard software includes telemetry analysis of the following data*:
• Tire Temperature
• Tire Pressures
• Tire Wear
• Ride Height
• Shock Deflection
• Brake Temperature
• Speed
• Gear
• Throttle/Brake
• Steering Position
• G-Forces
* Not all telemetry is available from all sims
Track Maps & Real Time On-Track Car Positions:
The Z1 sim racing dashboard software comes with track maps*:
• Your Location
• All Competitor's Locations
• Colored Lap Sectors
• Your Location After Pit Stop
• Time Between Your And Competitors
• 7 Customizable Colors For Other Cars On Track
• Pit Stop Deltas
* Not all sims support the track maps
Garage display for your sim racing dash software:
The Z1 sim racing dashboard software displays various garage screens:
• Statistics
• Standings
• Lap Times
• Notes
• Telemetry
Z1 LCD Screen
Run your Z1 sim racing dashboard software on a purpose built LCD screen:
• 4.3" Screen
• 16 Bit Color
• Touch Screen
• USB Connection
• Compact Size
• Optional Real Carbon Fiber Finish

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