What's New in Version 4.21?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 4.21 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

Streaming data over the internet
As of this version you can now transmit your car's data over the internet so that other users of the Z1 software (Dashboard/Server at this time) can view that data from remote locations. You can either choose to send your data, or you can choose to connect to a data stream from a driver who is transmitting their data. Multiple people can connect to a driver's data stream.

Usages of this feature would be to allow teams of drivers to see the data of other drivers in their teams when those drivers are on track. Or a driver coach could monitor a driver's actions while they are in the car.

The Z1 Server is used to send your data over the internet. All you have to do is start the Z1 Server and any sim currently supported by the Z1 Server software. Then click on the settings icon at the top right of the Z1 Server screen. There is a new tab called 'Internet'. Select this tab. You can then enter a name for your data stream. You can choose to password protect your data stream by entering a password. If you leave the password blank then anyone can join your data stream.

There are three types of data you can select to transmit, Car Stats, Car Data and Location Data. You can choose any combination of the three.

The Z1 Dashboard is used to receive data from the internet. To do so, start the Z1 Dashboard, but do not connect to a sim. On the Waiting For Connection screen, you will see an icon that looks like the world with a ring around it. Click on this to bring up the list of available data streams. The list will show the name of the data stream, the sim, track and car being used for that stream. In addition you'll see the ping that stream is getting to our servers, and the number of other drivers currently connected to the stream. If the stream requires a password there will be a small padlock icon to the left of the driver stream name.

Your ping to the server is listed at the top of the display.

Select License Level When Running A Demo
When running the demo you can now choose between the four different license levels (standard, track, educational or commercial). This lets you try out each license level to determine which is right for you. As before, the demo will last 15 minutes regardless of the license level selected. After the 15 minutes is over you will have to restart the Dashboard to get another 15 minutes.

New License Level: Educational License
There is a new license level - educational. This is intended for educational institutions. For details on this license level and what it offers please visit https://www.z1simwheel.com/analyzer/licenses.cfm

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Stream Your Data:
Stream Your Data

Z1 Server Internet Connectivity:
Z1 Server Internet Connectivity

Z1 Dashboard Internet Connectivity:
Z1 Dashboard Internet Connectivity

List of Available Data Streams:
List of Available Data Streams

Select License Levels in Demo Mode:
Select License Levels in Demo Mode

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