What's New in Version 4.14?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 4.14 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

11 New Dashboards
We've added 11 new dashboards in this version - 2 for the VW Rally Cross car (VW Rally Cross Dash 1 and VW Rally Cross Dash 2). These are similar, but have slight differences in the information displayed. Two new dashboards for the Ford GTE car (Ford GT 2017 Dash1 and Ford GT 2017 Dash 2). Three new dashboards for the 2018 Indy Car (Indy Car 2018 Dash 1-3). A new Z1 Dash 2 dashboard. A new dashboard intended for the Audi R18 and similar cars. A new dashboard the the Porsche 919 (Porsche 919 Dash 2) which is a variant on the first 919 dash from version 4.13. And finally a new track (Track Map 11) which incorporates a gear and RPM circle, with car speed, water temp and lap number, as well as the current lap time and delta time.

Brake Lock Level Lights
Brake Lock Level Lights work with any sim that reports wheel speed. This feature allows you to use the left and right most 3 shift light LEDs to indicate when you are close to locking up the front left or right wheels. You can set the sensitivity of this feature in the Car 1 tab. There are three drop downs on the right labeled Lock Level 1 - 3. These control when each LED will be illuminated. The order of the LEDs is outside to inside. Settings the lock level to zero will disable the feature. The brakes must also be engaged to at least 15% in order for this LED to illuminate.

There are two ways to set the sensitivity, the first is using speed. With this setting the number you choose in the first drop down is the difference in wheel speed between the front wheel and the rear wheel. This speed is in the currently chosen units. So if you have speed displayed in kph, and you have set lock level 1 to 15 Speed, then if you front wheel is rotating at least 15 kph slower than the rear wheel the LED will illuminate.

The second option is Percent (Prcnt). When using this option the LED will illuminate if the front wheel's rotation speed is the selected percentage less than the rear wheel rotation speed. So if you selected 15 Prcnt, then if the front wheel is rotating at a rate of at least 15% slower than the rear wheel the LED will illuminate.

You may set the sensitivity of the LEDs on a car by car basis. The color of the illuminated LED can be set in the Car 3 tab. This color is the same for all dashboards for the selected car, but can vary between cars.

Visual Spotter
There is a new option to alert you to cars on your left or right. This can be turned on or off using the 'Spotter' setting in the General tab of the settings dialog. A yellow arrow will appear on the left or right of the dashboard to indicate the presence of a car. If more than one car is on you left or right then two arrow will appear. Note this feature currently only works with iRacing.

Updated Graphics & Shadows
Many dashboards have been updated with improved graphics, and have had the optional shadows added to them. These include the Silverado, Silverado B, Legends Ford, Legends Ford B, Monte Carlo SS, Monte Carlo SS B, Silver Crown, Street Stock, Super Late Model, SK Modified, SK Modified B and Sprint Car. The shadows can be turned off by changing 'Draw Shadows' to 'No' in the Display tab of the settings dialog.

From $24.99!

VW Rally Cross:
VW Rally Cross Dash 2

Ford GT:
Ford GT 2017 Dash 2

Indy Car 2018:
Indy Car 2018 Dash 2

Audi R18:
Audi R18 Dash 2

Porsche 919 Dash 2:
Porsche 919 Dash 2

Track Map 11:
Track Map 11

Brake Lock Level Lights:
Brake Lock Lights

Visual Spotter:
Visual Spotter

Silverado B w/Shadows:
Silverado B w/Shadows

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