What's New in Version 2020.2?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2020.2 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

Five new dashboards
The GT4 Dash 1. This is intended for the BMW M4.

The Stockcar 1987 Dash 1. This is intended for the 1987 NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

The Formula Dash 5. This is intended for the USF2000 and Indy Pro 2000 cars.

A dark mode version of the Lap Times dashboard. This is called Lap Time DM Dash.

A new Track Map dashboard - Track Map 12. This shows just the track map with no other overlaid data. It is intended for users who want a track map to use with their streams on Twitch, etc.

LED Redline Flashing
There is now an option to flash either the LEDs or the dash background when you reach redline. This option is in the Car 1 tab on the left column and is labeled 'Flash'. You have two options - Dash will flash the dash background, and is the default behavior. 'LEDs' will flash the LEDs. The RPM at which this occurs (both for the dash and LED flashing) is determined by the 'Flash At' text box above.

You can set the color of the LEDs when they flash in the Car 3 tab. Look for the 'Rev Limiter' LED, click that to display a color chooser to select the desired color. Note if you have selected LEDs as the flash option and the selected dash does not have LEDs then the background will flash instead. This option is car specific, allowing you to tailor it to each car you drive.

New Sim Support
The Z1 Server now supports Assetto Corsa Competizione.

New/Updated Data Logging Features
Now recording Yaw, Roll, Pitch, Yaw Rate, Roll Rate, Pitch rate from all sims that support those values.

Added support for traction control adjustment #3 and #4. Currently only iRacing supports this.

The Z1 Dashboard will now display ABS, Traction Control, Traction Control Cut, and Engine Power adjustments for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Codemasters F1 2018 and 2019 now record ride height.

All telemetry is now recorded as ZOD2 files (with the exception of iRacing which we don't record because it has its own ibt format). The option to choose between ZOD and ZOD2 has been removed.

Traction Control Cut adjustment is now included in the Z1 Server UDP feed (for the sims that support it.)

Improved rFactor 2 Plugin
Various updates to how the Dashboard and Server determine sector times and lap times in rFactor 2 to provide for even more accuracy that in previous versions.

Warning Parameters
The warnings parameters for each dashboard (oil temp, water temp, fuel level, and fuel pressure) will now change automatically when you change the appropriate units. For example if you had temperature set to Fahrenheit and the oil temperature warning was set to 270, if you then change the temperature units to Celsius that warning number will automatically change to 132.2. Previously the number remained the same regardless of the units selected.

From $24.99!

GT4 Dash 1:
GT4 Dash 1

Stockcar 1987 Dash 1:
Stockcar 1987 Dash 1

Formula Dash 5:
Formula Dash 5

Lap Times Dark Mode Dash:
Lap Times Dark Mode Dash

Track Map 12:
Track Map 12

LED Redline Flash Option:
LED Redline Flash Option

Warning Parameters:
Warning Parameters

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