What's New in Version 2021.4?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2021.4 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Consistency Analysis Screen
There is a new Analysis screen - the Consistency Analysis. This screen analyzes three areas where consistency is important: Braking, Throttle, and Driving Line. When you have multiple laps loaded this analysis will let you know how consistent you are across those laps. And as we always say - consistency is key to being a better faster driver, and to making any setup changes.

The braking section shows three metrics for each brake zone:
1) Average braking - this is the average brake application.
2) Maximum braking - this is the maximum brake application.
3) Braking Graph - this shows where you started to brake and where you ended braking. Ideally all three of these would be the same for every lap. The consistency percentage for braking represents how similar these are across the laps.

The throttle section shows two metrics for when you exit each brake zone.
1) Time to 100% - this is the time it takes you to get back to a consistent 100% throttle.
2) Throttle Graph - this shows you the space between getting off the brakes through to when you where back to a consistent 100% throttle.

The driving line section looks at each corner with the lines driven through that corner overlayed on the track map. The consistency score is based on how similar the various lines are. Anything over 90% is considered to be very good.
80-90 % is fairly good, but could use a bit of improvement.v If you have any corners under 80% those are the ones you should focus most of your time on.

Default Layouts
Several default layouts are now provided. You can open these from the File->Open Layout menu. They can be used as is, or you can modify and save or delete them if desired. Basic layouts for lap analysis, traces, histograms and scatter plots are included, as well as layouts for data imported from the Porsche PCM and the AIM MyChron.

Updated Analysis Screens
The analysis screens have been updated. You can now display multiple analysis screens on a single layout.

The Lap Overview Analysis Screen has been updated. The section that discusses your driving line has been improved to show the driving line for the referenced corner alongside the comment, making it easier to see what is happening in that turn.

Improvements to the Track Walk analysis screen to make it easier to use.

Analysis Track Map Zooming
You can now zoom in on the analysis track maps by dragging the mouse with the control button down. This lets you draw a square over part of the track map. When you release the mouse button the map will zoom to that square. You can customize this option in the Control settings tab. You can specify whether control drag, or a basic drag zooms in on the track map.

Improved Graphics
The display has been updated to provide for better resolution across varying different Windows scalings. In additional various dialogs, such as the Settings dialog, hav been updated to the latest look and feel.

Trace Min/Max/Avg Display
The min/max/avg display in the trace title bars can now be turned on or off via 'Show Min/Max/Avg' setting in the Display tab of the settings dialog. There are now three options for what the min/max/avg area of the trace title bars can display. They are 1) min/max/avg; 2) cursor value & min/max/avg; 3) cursor value only. You can cycle through these by clicking in the arrows in the trace's title bar just to the left of the close icon. The settings is specific to each displayed trace.

Hertz Target
There is now a Hertz Target option for live telemetry. This allows you to set the number of times per second the Analyzer will sample data when running live telemetry. By default this is off, allowing the Analyzer to sample as fast as possible. This is what was happening in previous versions of the Analyzer. To turn on a Hertz Target go to the Live Telemetry settings tab and scroll down to the 'Other' section where you will see the option to specify a Hertz Target rate.

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Braking Consistency Analysis:
Braking Consistency Analysis

Throttle Consistency Analysis:
Throttle Consistency Analysis

Driving Line Consistency Analysis:
Driving Line Consistency Analysis

Multiple Analysis Screens:
Multiple Analysis Screens

Zooming on Analysis Track Maps:
Zooming on Analysis Track Maps

New Settings Dialog:
New Settings Dialog

Updated Dialogs:
Updated Dialogs

Trace Min/Max/Avg:
Trace Min/Max/Avg

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