What's New in Version 2021.1?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2021.1 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Standardized Menu Options
Menu options for traces, data tiles, scatter plots and histograms have been standardized so they all work in the same way regardless of the type of object.

New objects are now added using the 'Add...' option under each main menu. Choosing this displays a sub-menu of the available objects that can be displayed.

All currently displayed objects now appear under their main menu. Selecting one of these from the menu option will bring that object to the foreground and highlight it in a teal color.

Right-click popup menus on any object will let you change the data it displays, as well as maximize, restore or close the object.

Scrubbing and Zooming on Traces
You can now 'scrub' a trace by moving the mouse with the control button. So control-click the left mouse button and then drag the mouse with the control button held down, and the cursor will follow you on the trace, displaying the appropriate data on all traces, data tiles, and scatter plots.

You can now use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on a trace.

Trace scrollbars
If you are zoomed in on a trace then a scrollbar will appear at the bottom of all displayed traces. You can use this to scroll through the entire trace at the current zoom level.

New Control Settings Tab
This new settings tab lets you specify how certain controls work within the Z1 Analyzer. Currently, you can specify what a basic mouse drag does, what a control-mouse drag does, and what a shift-mouse drag does within a trace.

Porsche Sport Chrono PCM Support
For our Track license users, the import external data process now recognizes lap data created by the Porsche Sport Chrono PCM. You first need to export the data from the Porsche PCM to a csv file. Then select that csv file to open in the Import External Data Dialog. The Analyzer should auto-recognize the format.

Next, in the preview area, click on the start of the data (usually the third row), and control-click on the row containing the column names (usually the second row). There are two pre-defined column mappings for this data, 'Porsche PCM - Imperial', and 'Porsche PCM - Metric'. Select the one that matches your data, and click the Import button.

19 New Data Channels
Wheel lateral patch velocity, Wheel longitudinal patch velocity, Wheel lateral ground velocity, Wheel longitudinal ground velocity, Wheel toe, Velocity X, Velocity Y, Velocity Z, Brake Bias, ABS Setting, Traction Control 1 Setting, Traction Control 2 Setting, Front Anti-Roll Bar, Rear Anti-Roll Bar, Left Weight Jacker, Right Weight Jacker, Differential Entry, Differential Middle and Differential Exit are now available as data channels. They can be selected for a standard trace, custom trace, data tile, math channel, scatter plot, histogram and when importing external data.

Delete Lap Option
There is now a "Delete Lap" option in the Open lap dialog. Right clicking on a lap in the Local Laps section displays the popup menu. The bottom option is the "Delete Lap" option, allowing you to delete the selected lap. Note you can only delete local laps, and not server laps.

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Z1 Analyzer 2021.1:
Z1 Analyzer 2021.1

Standardized Menus:
Standardized Menus

Trace Scrollbars:
Trace Scrollbars

Control Settings Tab:
Control Settings Tab

Porsche Sport Chrono PCM Support:
Porsche Sport Chrono PCM Support

Delete Lap Option:
Delete Lap Option

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