What's New in Version 1.18?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 1.18 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

64 Bit
The Analyzer is now a 64 bit application. This was necessary for the video option below.

The Z1 Analyzer now supports opening and playing back mp4 and avi video files. To display the video window go to Display->Show Video. The video window is exactly like any other window in the Analyzer. You can drag it and resize it as you like.

Videos can be played back in sync with telemetry, or independently. You can step forward or backwards frame by frame, fast forward or rewind, or jump to the start or end of the video. And just like telemetry the video can be slowed down all the way to 1/16th speed.

If you sync the video and telemetry then whenever you pause, play or stop the telemetry or video then the other will also pause, play, or stop. In addition if you tell the Analyzer where the S/F line is then the Analyzer will keep the video and telemetry in the same position on the lap when you click a specific location on a trace or the track map.

Shifting the Base Lap Beacon
There is now an option to shift the base lap forwards or backwards as compared to the main lap. This lets you line up two different laps that have different beacon positions. The option is available under the Laps->Shift Laps menu option. In the dialog you can then enter the distance you want to move the base lap in meters, centimeters or feet.

You can also drag the lap by pressing Shift+Left Mouse Button and moving the mouse. For fine control, you can shift the lap forward or backward by one data point by using the Shift+Right/Left Arrow keyboard combination, or by choosing the Laps->Shift Forward or Laps->Shift Backward menu options.

Step Forward/Backward
You can now step forward/backward through the telemetry using the right/left arrow keys. Each time you press one of the keys you'll move forward or backward by one data point in the lap.

Corner Overlays
There is now an option to show corners overlayed on the traces. This option is located under Display->Show Corner Overlays. You can choose if you want the overlays to be filled in, or just an outline. And as always you can choose the desired colors.

Cursor Time & Distance
The status bar now displays the current time and distance (in feet or meters) at the cursor position. This data is show as "cursor: 0:24.817 | 3358.3 feet".

New Data Channels
There are six (6) new data channels: Yaw, Pitch, Roll, Yaw Rate, Pitch Rate and Roll Rate. These are available for all users under 'Chassis' in the trace popup menu for those sims that support this data. These traces are also available for use with custom traces. For track and commercial users they are also available for imported data. And for commercial users they are available in the 'Limits' settings of the commercial settings tab.

License Levels
There is a new license level - Educational. This is intended for educational institutions. For details on this license level and what it offers please visit https://www.z1simwheel.com/analyzer/licenses.cfm

When running the demo you can now choose between the four different license levels (standard, track, educational or commercial). This lets you try out each license level to determine which is right for you.

Just $24.99!


Shift Base Lap Beacons:
Shift Base Lap Beacons

Corner Overlays:
Corner Overlays

Cursor Position Data:
Cursor Position Data

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