What's New in Version 1.17?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 1.17 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

This new commercial feature is available lets you print the currently displayed traces and/or any of the Analysis screens. After ticking the checkboxes of what you'd like to print, click the 'Print' button to display the standard Windows print dialog. The traces will print in the same width to height ratio as they are displayed on screen. So if your traces take up more vertical room on screen, they will also do so on the printed page. The track map will use as much of a page as possible. Each of the Analysis screens will take up an entire page. The Overview Analysis screen may take up multiple pages if needed.

Min/Max/Avg Displays.
The maximum, minimum and average values that occur within a trace are now displayed on the right end of the trace's title header.

There is an option to mark the points on the trace graphs where the maximum, minimum and average values occur. When on you will see the maximum value marked by a vertical line with a circle at the top. The minimum value is marked by a vertical line with a circle at the bottom. The average value is marked by a horizontal line with a circle at both ends. A maximum/minimum marker will be displayed every time the graph hits the appropriate value. If a graph reaches a maximum or minimum value and then stays at that value, the appropriate marker will only be displayed at the beginning of that section of graph.

Unique Custom Trace Colors.
Custom traces can now have unique colors for each trace and line. They default to the ones specified in the settings Screen Color tab. You can change them in the Edit Trace Dialog. Click on the color swatch next to the appropriate line for the trace. This will display a color chooser dialog. Select the color you want and click OK. You can do this for each of the formula lines. Once done click Save Trace. This feature is intended to make the user of multiple custom traces each to visually distinguish from one another.

Pause Recorded Laps.
There is now a pause button that can be used when playing back laps. This pause function can be activated by clicking on the pause button icon above the track map or in the Analysis screens, or by choosing Pause Lap from the Laps menu, or by using the CTRL-ALT-P key combination. The pause option toggles the playback of a lap. You can un-pause the lap by either selecting Pause again, or by selecting Play. When pause is engaged the lap time displayed in the Lap Data window and in the status bar at the bottom of the Analyzer will be where you currently are on the lap.

Compare Laps From Tracks With Different Names.
Track and Commercial license holders now have the option to compare laps from tracks with different names. This is intended to make it easier to compare real world laps with laps done in the sim. Previously the track names had to be an exact match for them to be compared. Now if you try to open a lap for comparison and that lap has a different track name from the currently loaded main or base lap you will see a message dialog asking you if you want to open the lap to compare it, even though the track name is different. Clicking 'Yes' will open the lap without removing the existing lap. Clicking 'No' will clear the existing lap(s) before loading the new one.

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The Print Option Dialog:
The Print Option Dialog

The Output Of A Printed Page:
The Output Of A Printed Page

Min/Max/Avg values:
Min/Max/Avg values

Custom Trace Colors:
Custom Trace Colors

The New Pause Button:
The New Pause Button

Compare Laps With Different Names:
Compare Laps With Different Names

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