What's New in Version 1.16?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 1.16 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Track License.
This is a new license type. It is intended for those users who want to utilize the Z1 Analyzer in real world scenarios. This license gives you access to the Import External Data feature of the Analyzer. This is compatible with data logging systems such as AIM or RaceCapture, or any other one that outputs data in a CSV format.

Once your real world data has been imported into the Analyzer all the standard tools within the Analyzer are available to you to review the data. This includes all the traces, custom traces, and analysis screens. You can compare two separate real world laps, just as you would any other laps. In addition you can compare your imported laps to a lap done in a sim.

Live Telemetry by Distance or Percentage.
When viewing live telemetry and comparing it to a base lap, you can now choose to compare the laps by time, lap percentage or lap distance. Previous versions could only comparing by lap time. Comparing by lap percentage overlays the two graphs by where they are on the track. This lets you see in real time how the inputs of each lap compare at the exact location on the track. Comparing by lap distance is the same as by lap percent, but the x-axis will display the distance round the track in feet or meters rather than by percentage. This is a commercial only feature.

Importing CSV/LOG Data.
The Import External Data dialog now lets you import file of type 'LOG', as long as those files are in the same CSV format as a CSV file. This allows for more easy importing of data from applications like RaceCapture.

Saving Column Mappings on External Data Import.
There is now an option in the Import External Data dialog to save column mappings. After you have specified all the column mappings and their units, click the Save Mapping button. You'll be prompted for a name for the mapping. Then click OK. This mapping will then be available to load in the future. To load a previously saved mapping, choose its name from the Load Mapping drop down. The column mappings will then be applied to the currently selected file. This new option saves time if you have a standard file format or two that you repeatedly import.

Analysis Screens Movable and Resizable.
The Analysis screen and its associated description screen are now movable and resizable just like the traces and track maps. In addition you can have the map track map and the analysis screens displayed simultaneously.

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Track License:
Track License

Live Telemetry by Distance or Percentage:
Live Telemetry by Distance or Percentage

Importing CSV/LOG Data:
Importing CSV/LOG Data

Saving Column Mappings on External Data Import:
Saving Column Mappings on External Data Import

Analysis Screens Movable and Resizable:
Analysis Screens Movable and Resizable

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