Z1 Analyzer License Comparison

The Z1 software has three license options: the standard license, the track license and the commercial license. This page shows the features available in each license. The number of licenses you require depends on the number of sim PCs you are running. You will need a license for every sim PC you would like to use the software with.

  Standard Track Commercial
Z1 Analyzer General Features
Usage Private home use only Private home use only All scenarios
Number of data channels 50+ 50+ 50+
Create custom traces
Maximum number of custom traces 10 20 Unlimited
Custom colors for traces
Include sector marks on traces and track maps
Show driver marks on traces
Graph traces by time, distance or percentage
Resize, move and hide traces
Optional throttle/brake overlay on track maps
Optional 3D track maps
View Live Telemetry
View pre-recorded laps
Compare two laps
Compare your lap to thousands of other laps on our servers
Maximum number of instances
(An instance is a single running version of the Analyzer software. With the commercial license you may run the Analyzer up to 6 times on a single machine. Note that if you want to connect to multiple Z1 Server instances on different sim PCs, then you would need a commercial license for each of those Z1 Server installations.)
1 1 6
Ability to create custom layouts
Maximum number of custom layouts 10 20 Unlimited
Import external data.  
Compare external data (real world, etc) to sim data.  
Compare live telemetry to a pre-recorded base lap.    
Use base lap's telemetry extents to speed up live telemetry rendering.    
Use a pre-recorded base lap's track map when running live telemetry. Using this option means you don't have to save the track map before using live telemetry.    
Maximum and minimum limits for each data channel value in live telemetry. If that value goes out of those bounds then the appropriate trace display will flash or display the border in red to show the value is out of the desired range.    
Password protect uploaded laps for secure sharing with targeted users.    
Ability to display only laps with specified password from the server.    
Updates Included One Month One Month One Year
Update Subscription Available  
Support Email Email Email, Skype, TeamViewer
Z1 Analyzer Lap Analysis
Lap Overview - provides an overview of the entire lap. Everything from sector times, to driving lines, to turn analysis is provided here. Advice is given, when possible, to help you improve your driving.
Track Walk - shows detailed information about each turn, including elevation and camber changes throughout the turn as well as a detailed explanation of the turn. You can 'virtually' walk through each turn in order to the best approach for it.
Speed Comparison - shows the maximum and minimum speeds achieved at various points around the track; with comparison to a second lap if appropriate.
Brake Points - shows details of each braking point, with a comparison between two laps.
Driving Line - shows the driving line of your lap and a second lap around the track. Combined with track edges this shows you exactly where you are placing your car compared to the track.
Turn Analysis - shows the time it took to drive through a turn, comparing you to a second lap. Advice on driving the turn better will be given when possible.
Brake Lockups - shows any locations where you locked your front wheels during the lap.
Ride Heights - shows any locations where the front splitter, left or right front, or left or right rear corners of the car hit the ground or bottomed out.
Understeer - shows any locations of the lap where you were understeering.
Track Edges - allows you to create track edges for a track if they don't already exist. Displays the left and right edges of the track. This lets you see the driving line within the bounds of the track instead of just as a line wandering alone in space.
Z1 Dashboard General Features
Customizable Splash Screen    
Z1 Analyzer / Dashboard / Server Compatibility
ARCA Sim Racing
Assetto Corsa
Codemasters F1 2013 - 2018
Game Stock Car
Kart Racing Pro
Project Cars
Project Cars 2
rFactor 2
Z1 Server
External Data  

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