What's New in Version 4.9?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 4.9 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

The Dashboard can now speak to you, giving you countdowns to your pit stall, and information such as lap times, fast lap, positions and laps of fuel remaining if you need to pit and the current lap number. This can be customized in the Speech tab of the settings dialog. The Enabled Speech checkbox must be ticked for speech to work. The Volume, Speed and Pitch trackbars allow you to adjust how the voice sounds. The actual voice used is the one selected in the Control Panel -> Speech Recognition -> Text To Speech window of Windows.

There are currently 10 messages that can be spoken. These include ones such as a welcome message, pit stall countdown, and announcements such as lap times, sector times, delta,s fast lap, position, laps of fuel, whether you need to pit and the lap number.

Tracked Driver List.
This allows you to add drivers to what we call your 'tracked' list of drivers. This is intended to be a list of drivers you feel you can race closely with, or drivers who you need to give a bit more room to when racing. There is a tab in the settings dialog called 'Tracked' which allows you to view those drivers on the list, to remove drivers from the list, and to adjust settings for the display of those drivers.

Several dashboards (the Ahead/Behind, Track Map 1, Track Map 3, and Standings) will display if a driver is on your tracked list. The Ahead/Behind dash will highlight the title bar and display the words 'tracked driver' for any driver on your tracked list. The Track Map 1 and 3 dashboards will highlight the driver's name if they are a tracked driver. The Standings dashboard will underline the driver's name if they are a tracked driver.

If you are running iRacing then you can also choose to have the cars of all drivers who are on your watch list to be painted in a specific color. If the Update Paint Jobs option in the Tracked tab is set to either 'All' or 'Changes' then the Z1 Dashboard will update the paint jobs of each driver's car from the tracked list when the Z1 exits. The 'All' setting will update the paint jobs of every driver on the list. The 'Changes' settings will update the paint job for only those drivers who have just been added or removed from the list. This is the preferred option because it takes less time upon application exit to write the paint jobs.

Compatibility with Race Room.
As we continue to expand the list of sims that are compatible with the Z1 Dashboard software, we are please to announce that Sector 3's Race Room simulation is now compatible with the Z1 software.

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